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Dear Guest,

We've recently made some improvements to Learning Toolbox and we wanted to let you know about these. These changes have been made in response to feedback and ideas from conference organisers and authors - we hope you find them useful.

Categorise and tag your event's ePosters in the Event Manager  

Pre-populate your ePosters with tags

When you create an event and add your authors, you can now give each ePoster suggested tags. When the author creates their ePoster it will have the tags you suggested. Authors will still retain ultimate control over their ePoster's tags and can add and delete tags themselves. The advantages of this new function are that you can nudge your authors towards using the tags you have recommended for their ePoster.

Put ePosters into more than one category

When you create an event and add your authors, you can now give each ePoster more than one category (previously called programme_slot) value. The advantages of this are that you can ensure an ePoster is found on the showcase under multiple categories. For example you might want an ePoster to appear in both a “patient safety” category and also a “student ePoster” category. This would now be possible. On the showcase view delegates will be able to filter the view by the categories in the same way as they did before, by clicking on the red filter buttons.

Updated Support

Guide 1 on the Event Admin Support Page has been updated to reflect these changes. The section titled “Adding your ePoster authors” covers this area. 

  Improvements to the showcase  

Broader search coverage

The search has been simplified so that you don't need to indicate whether you are searching for title, author or all. In fact the search will search across title, authors (including the co-authors if the author added them in the Stack Details Tab), ePoster description (if the author included text in their Stack Details Tab) and invitee_code (the unique code you have given to that ePoster).

Easier and more effective tag search

We've also improved the Tag search so that if you use that now and you start typing a tag then the system will show you matching tags that have been used by authors on ePosters in this showcase, so you can then choose one of them. You can also now click on a Tag in an ePoster's summary box and it will then automatically do a search for other ePosters with that Tag. 

ePoster’s full list of authors now accessible in the showcase

If you hover your mouse over the author name in an ePoster's summary box then it will show the full list of authors (if the author added them in the Stack Poster Details Tab). 

Easy access to My Favourites and My History

We've added My Favourites and My History to the showcase, so you can filter the view for the ePosters you have favourited (My Favourites) or you can see which ePosters you have opened (My History).

Updated Support

Answers 2 and 4 on the Showcase Help Page have been updated to reflect these changes. Every showcase has a Help button on it taking delegates to the Showcase Help Page.

We hope you're enjoying using Learning Toolbox and that these new features add to that. If you have any questions about the new release then please email us at

Best wishes,